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  1. Mintevergreen

    Continental Test Results in Mail Taking 3+ weeks

    Received my RN license number by email this morning - exactly 1 month after I took NCLEX.
  2. Mintevergreen

    Continental Test Results in Mail Taking 3+ weeks

    Hopefully you've gotten your "pass" letter and license number by this point! For others going through this in IL, I had the same experience. Took NCLEX on 9/24/18, results were posted to the CTS website after 24 hours, and then nothing... After 3 weeks, I still did not have the pass letter from CTS. I only got the letter after I scrounged around Google for a CTS email address and told them I had not yet received my pass letter. I received a reply 15 minutes later stating that they would send the letter out by the end of the day. This was on a Fri, and I received the letter on Mon. After I received the CTS Pass letter, I sent my $50 check and the filled-out bottom portion by Priority Mail so I could track it. It arrived at the IDFPR's Springfield PO Box on 10/18. When I was still trying to get the Pass letter from CTS, I was told twice by IDFPR that I did not need the Pass Letter to send in my $50. I was instructed to just write a letter with my identifying information and send with a $50 check or MO made out to IDFPR. So I actually did this as well the 2nd week I was waiting. I figured worst case, I am out an additional $50, which at this point is a drop in the bucket. I have been having trouble getting interviews at the major hospitals in Chicago, which I think might be in part because I do not yet have a license number. One of the managers at a hospital I recently interviewed with said that the last new grad they hired had to wait 2 months before their license number was posted. In comparison, my classmates who got an IN RN license waited less than 2 weeks after taking NCLEX, and those who got an OH RN license waited a mere 24 hours after testing to receive their license number by email. With everything that can be done electronically these days it is pretty frustrating that Illinois has not streamlined this process. The current one is really convoluted.