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  1. Well I can vouch for an amazing clinical experience through Laconah. I can say the summer program was the hardest I’d ever worked in my life, but you start to get into a routine eventually and just kinda get used to “ok, this is my life for now” and do it. I had to have a lot of help from my family while I was in the program, and wasn’t able to spend much time with my kids. I’ve had to have a talk with them and say “remember how busy mom was over the summer?, well it’s going to be like that again for just awhile longer” all of my co workers who are in rn programs (Whether private/or community college) we all have similar stories about our hardships and struggles. I hear a lot of complaints about ATI, which I have not encountered at laconah, so there’s that!
  2. which are you applying for? The generic or bridge program?
  3. I’m an lvn to rn returning Jan. I’ll be entering 3rd semester. Attended summer 2019. Is it tough? Yes. But it is do-able. I’ve never heard of a nursing program that was easy. I’m nearly 40, I’m a single mom of 3 boys, and I worked part time during the program. So, it can be done. Don’t be scared
  4. They accept credit/debit for the scrubs. They have a little machine they bring. You need to bring your license, current cpr cert. I don’t remember if they offer the flu shot I already had mine so I brought proof of that. You can call hr and ask
  5. Hey Nikki! It’s rachel. Your fellow lvn-rn LACONAH classmate. I was wondering; are you starting in fall, or Jan 2020 like me? I wish we could all get a group going that made communication easier. I don’t like this site. I’m not very tech savvy though. Did you happen to exchange numbers with anyone at pre-reg? 

    1. Nikkithenursey


      Hey Rachel! Yeah this site kind of blows!! I wanted to exchange numbers but I didn't. I was one of the people Ms. Granger took aside at the first break and let us know that we would be starting in the Fall. I was so relieved because I had actually been accepted for Summer 2018 but found out I was pregnant in December 2017 so requested a 1 year deferral. Ms. Granger said I should not have been wait-listed at all but there was a mix up with my paperwork. Regardless, we are both starting the transition semester in a few weeks!! Are you freaking out? I'm freaking out a little bit! It's been so long since I've done so many of the procedures. I got to pull out my Ms. Grousso bedbaths and diabetes info!! Have you bought the books and started studying the procedures? Here is my number so we can continue this convo offline: 818-599-3023. Please feel free to text or call (but texting is usually better as I have 2 small children ;). 

  6. Great! I need to talk with someone about financial aid for sure! Will you be working while in the program? Omg! What are the odds? Both citrus alumni! I got an alternate spot in their adn bridge program. As far as the conah waiting list to start this fall, I’d actually rather wait and start in January. That way I can work a lot until then and get another tax return before I start the program.
  7. I actually wanted to go to citrus where I got my lvn, but was accepted to conah. Everyone told me what a blessing it was and how great the program is so I’m happy it turned out this way. Do you know what to expect on Friday? I know we will be ordering our uniforms and paying our fees. What else though? What are we supposed to wear?
  8. I will be there! I’m nervous. Picked up my badge last week
  9. Good luck guys. Kill it tomorrow
  10. Good luck to all with the in-person interview next week!! I must say I don’t envy you. Are you guys nervous? I hope you all do great! Is the interview part of the admission process, or will they be making their final selections based on the interviews?
  11. Yes. What duachangesthings said
  12. I would just call and ask. I just finally finished and emailed back my interview questions for the bridge program. Took longer than I’d thought it would.
  13. Wait...what’s tomorrow? Did I miss something?
  14. Does anyone know if we will have to take a drug screen? I take a medication that results in a false positive so I want to get a note from my dr. I already have my clearance from hr and am picking up my badge in a couple days

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