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  1. NurseChaiPls

    Do I have to disclose mental illness

    So I just got accepted into nursing school and I was so excited until they asked me to disclose my medical history. I went through a pretty rough time when I was getting out of the Army and was in-patient in a psych facility for about a month a little over a year ago. There were several extenuating circumstances around it, but now that I'm out of the military and don't have manipulative tyrants running my life I've been fine. I'm on meds, I'm doing great in school, and I've never felt more normal. I don't need any academic accommodations or plan on asking for them. I don't want to disclose that I was hospitalized or that I'm on meds for ptsd/depression. Does anyone know if I legally have to? Or if I can get in trouble for lying on the paperwork. This is not how I want to start nursing school.
  2. NurseChaiPls

    Legit Kentucky CNA programs??

    I'm trying to get my CNA so I can get some experience while I'm doing my nursing undergrad. How are CNA programs certified/accredited in KY? I know any community college will be properly accredited, but I'd like to do a summer program so I can start working right away. There's a school called Kentucky Healthcare Training that offers a convenient program, but how do I know if it's a scam program or a program that will keep me from getting hired. Any info on how CNA's get licensed in KY would be helpful! I did try calling KY BON to ask but no one answered.