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  1. UIW Fall 2021

    If you got fingerprint appointment, it is most likely you passed the interview. ? Good luck to you all! I got accepted to UIW for fall 2023,but ended up going with other school.
  2. UIW Fall 2021

    Yes, you can still apply while finishing up your classes,they just need to see proof of enrollment. I had a friend in my class who applied in July and was taking classes with us in Fall. He is now in nursing program at UIW. So go ahead and apply!
  3. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Applicants

    Yeah! There is no point stressing out now that it’s all in the past! I hope we all get in ?
  4. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Applicants

    I feel like I did bad... but we will see I guess...
  5. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Applicants

    Yes, me too! How do you feel about it?
  6. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Applicants

    No,not everyone who applies gets interview portion. We should be hearing back 2 weeks after the interview I believe.
  7. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Applicants

    Thank you! It gives me some idea what they going to be asking. I've been searching all over the internet, but similar questions I found on Youtube. I was watching different videos and it basically tells you how to answer certain questions, what the...
  8. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Applicants

    What questions did they ask on interview with UTHSCSA if you don't mind to share? Thank you
  9. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Applicants

    Hi Yve, Thanks for sharing your experience! I have also applied to UIW, but haven't got any calls yet or I might missed their call. LOL Did you apply for Galen's BSN program or they have you do ADN first? If you have to choose between Galen an...
  10. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Applicants

    Hey! Yeah, Winter storm was crazy... Hopefully you and your family doing well. You got great stats and plus your experience in healthcare is gonna play a huge part in your application! My overall GPA : 3.6 Math and science GPA: 3.8 ...
  11. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Applicants

    Hey there, I've also have applied to UT health for fall 2021. In waiting mode. LOL What are your stats if you don't mind to share?
  12. UIW Fall 2021

    And yes there is not much info on UIW...? I even asked my classmate from college,who is nursing program there but all he say it’s fairly easy and interview wasn’t bad.... he says it’s easier to get into UIW than UTHSCSA... IDK
  13. UIW Fall 2021

    Oh wow! Did you get to go through interview with UTHSCSA? What kind of questions were they asking ? So curious cuz it’s my first time applying there, do not know what to expect... was is like “tell me about yourself” type questions?
  14. UIW Fall 2021

    I applied to UTHSCSA and UIW. Whichever takes me I will go there LOL,but my #1 choice was UTHSCSA just cuz it’s cheaper. ? btw thanks for creating the group! just added myself there!
  15. UIW Fall 2021

    Hey nice to meet you too! I spoke to Eunice from Nursing Admission. She said we should find out by mid March. I didn’t do good on TEAS and didn’t have time to retake it. I am just hoping for miracle I guess. But she said proficient level was fine... ...