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    Drexel ACE Fall 2018

    Iris, I graduated 2017. Most clinical placements were an hour away at one and two star hospitals (not a great experience). Clinicals were assigned (we didn't have to find our own) and were not based on where you live/preference. They were just random. Drexel has a widespread reputation of having bad/mean clinical instructors. You don't need to buy all the textbooks but for some classes it is helpful. Most of the time you won't have time to read the textbook and can do well just from studying the notes. I lived in the graduate student dorm on 15th for the beginning of the program for the convenience but this was very expensive and not worth it. I got an apartment after that. Philly usually doesn't get a ton of snow, your prius can do it People in my cohort were not close. We were all extremely competitive with each other, which is the environment that Drexel fosters. Drexel tries to make people fail because in their eyes that makes them a more elite program. They pride themselves on the fact that not everyone can make it. Drexel has a great NCLEX pass rate because that is all they focus on, no clinical skills. When I started my job my preceptors were shocked at how behind I was on skills. I had a lot of catching up to do because of this program. I have heard great things about FACT at Jefferson and would choose that over Drexel if you have the option.
  2. herbie0903

    Drexel Ace what they won't tell you

    You have to have a 76.5 to pass classes. Drexel absolutely makes kids more stressed-out than others. A significant portion of my cohort graduated on psychiatric meds that they were not on prior to the program.
  3. herbie0903

    Drexel ACE Fall 2018

    Hi, I graduated from the Drexel ACE program and highly recommend going to any school but Drexel for your accelerated degree. If I were to do it all over again I would not go to Drexel.