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  1. My2daughters

    Tpapn advice

    My email is kburke1976@icloud.com. Please message me. In new to this and tried to send a request to add you but unsure if it worked. Thank you
  2. My2daughters

    Tpapn advice

    You are absolutely correct in your rationale and I'm sorry if it came across as me trying to minimize it. I do take it seriously and am will omg to work diligently to get my life back. I worked too hard not to. I've been told that it is somewhat easier to get a job as a recovery nurse having this type of blemish on my record and I honestly feel as if I was brought down this path for a reason. I have never found myself addicted to any substance. I went to the best schools, had a wonderful upbringing, and by all standards should know better from a medical standpoint. There's a huge lesson to be learned and hopefully I can lead by example in the future to show people that it is possible and that we never truly know where another person has been. Thank you both so much. Any idea how long going before the board and such would take. I've tried calling Austin and that alone is impossible to get through. Idk if there's a secret or what but I have been completely unsuccessful
  3. My2daughters

    Tpapn advice

    Thank you for the information. Can you recommend a way or place to sign up for refresher courses?
  4. My2daughters

    Being monitored but would like to move to another state

    I am currently going through a similar situation and hoping to appeal to TBON. My license was revoked in MO. Do I understand you correctly that I will not have to take boards again though as I was preparing myself for that as well?
  5. My2daughters

    Tpapn advice

    Hello all. I'm new here and I wasn't sure if I'd ever make a post or question regaining my license again. I graduated from nursing school in MO in 2004 and practiced several years there without any time of job reprimand or issue. In 2009 I went through a most terrible divorce and got addicted to opiates though I never worked a single day under the influence or once I began using. I got into legal trouble but was given 2 years probation which I completed successfully. I received SIS probation meaning I would not have any felonies once complete. At that time the MO nursing board ordered me to their drug rehab program. During this period I moved to Texas as I had no family in MO and wanted to be where I had a strong support system. Because I was dispicplined my MO I was not able to apply for a TX license and work. For a year and and a half I paid for UA's, hair follicles, and fingernail clipping testing while unemployed and trying to remain focused on recovery. At this time I became engaged and pregnant and had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy that hospitalized me. I missed some testing and between that and the cost of the program I decided to allow the board to revoke me. I had so much going on that I honestly questioned if I ever wanted to be a practicing nurse again. flash forward to 2017. I told myself that just like a bankruptcy I would give myself seven years of penalty and if I could stay strong that long I would do what I needed to go back to my passion. I've worked jobs and no matter what I do, I'm a nurse. July 5, 2017 I had gone out with friends to celebrate my 7 year anniversary. I had a couple cocktails and am not used to drinking much at all. I know that doesn't sound good but let me please say that my use of opiates was strictly a suicide mission in relation to what happened in my marriage. I had not had any previous addiction or drinking issues so on occasion I'd have a margarita with dinner. This night I had 4 over the course of four hours and I got pulled over and blew slightly above the legal limit. I will be pleading that out to a misdemeanor DUI next month but I so badly want to apppeal to the state and board of Texas and throw myself at their mercy to do whatever I need to so I can go back to the only career I ever wanted. I haven't made the smartest common sense decisions but I'll do whatever it takes. Can anyone point me the correct way and tell me if I stand a Chance? Thank you for any advice