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  1. Galen College of Nursing Tampa Bay

    @Bella28, The ADN program is $42K
  2. Hi MoonKitten, I am in a similar situation where my school IS accredited, but has national accreditation and not regional. I plan to transfer in September, but what I have learned through calling the hospitals human resources and looking at job...
  3. First time HESI taker experience

    Thank you for your information. It is very helpful.
  4. Chamberlain Sacramento Campus

    Amazing info, thanks!
  5. Chamberlain Sacramento Campus

    I feel your pain. I live in Roseville and are preparing to separate from the USAF and I am wanting to get started on a new career like now. I have a few nurse friends who all either were on a waitlist or had to re-apply for a minimum of two years bef...
  6. Active Duty to Nursing

    Hello everyone, I am new to the site and wanted to see if anyone could share any experiences with me in regards to transitioning from active duty to civilian nursing student. What were some of your main obstacles in your transition and most importan...