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  1. firstclass

    Master in Public Health

    JimmyDurham9 thanks for replying back do you have any college in mind to do this
  2. firstclass

    Master in Public Health

    What are the prospects of a BSN nurse with a degree in Master in Public Health. What kind of jobs do nurses get if they complete Master in Public health
  3. firstclass

    Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not

    i am sorry i dont have the wrong idea about saudi you have.Wake up and smell the coffee. What is the use of being secure but not free. Their treatment of non-white, non-arab expatriates is well known. For the same jobs, based on race and nationalit...
  4. firstclass

    mnemonics for lab values????

    i have trouble remembering lab values. can anybody help me with their little secrets. i also have problem with the ptt and pt, coumadin and heprin stuff.
  5. firstclass

    anybody who wants to help me??

    can you suggest any good critical thinking books or better still websites. i will be thankful to you. One of my class mates who does really good on the tests says that selecting the right answer sometimes is just a matter of instinct something whic...
  6. firstclass

    anybody who wants to help me??

    i am having trouble passing my exams. i put in lot of effort but barely pass the exams. its the critrical thinking that gets me. i know you can't teach anybody to think critically. can anyone give me some tips
  7. firstclass

    OB Clinicals

    can anyone sugggest any good websites for the obgy