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  1. Hey! Can you share the second semester schedule, I'm curious what that looks like.
  2. My paper says SNA is selling patches for $8/patch, you will need a total of 3, cash and exact change is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey rnhopeful, are we supposed to print out the entire nursing handbook?
  4. Student health form included?
  5. I get that. I emailed her because I wasn't able to get an appointment for a physical prior to the 25th.
  6. I emailed the health department and she said "physical forms normally aren't due until after the start of classes. Your instructor will give you the specific due date that it needs to be turned in"
  7. I do everything on Fort Gordon I'm not sure where others go, sorry.
  8. Look into pulse cpr school, or google BLS training near you and see if there's something available.
  9. Who did you call to check your status?
  10. I haven't started the castlebranch stuff but I did my 1st TB test and titers for hep B and Varicella and I scheduled my physical for August 8th. I'm going to my family physician. Did you register for a CPR class?
  11. Chels can't wait to see what they say! I think they should at least give you a reason why you weren't accepted.
  12. Congratulations!! That’s great!!
  13. Yay I hope you get a spot!
  14. Yeah it really makes no sense. 38 points is great!
  15. Oh no I’m sorry! I thought for sure you would.

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