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  1. So I took the teas, got 3/5 in reading and 4/5 in math. I'm probably going to try to retake it before the deadline. Still waiting on anatomy and stats to figure out how many points I'll have and my gpa. We're getting closer!!
  2. I haven't taken the teas yet. What did you do to prepare for the teas?
  3. disam

    ADN vs BSN in the Tacoma area

    Thanks for the reply! Good to know! What options are there for RN to BSN in the Tacoma area other than UW Tacoma?
  4. Hello, I'm currently in the process of going to school for nursing. I live in Georgia but my goal is to move to Tacoma after I graduate. I'm going back and forth between our local BSN program and the tech school ADN offered. My biggest concern is not being able to find a job as a ADN. I've heard it's harder for new grads to find employment. Please shed some light on that. The ADN seems like a great option for me since I'm a military spouse and we are set to move from Georgia in 3 years. But if I won't find a job then I feel like I should jump on the BSN route.