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    College of Staten Island - Fall 2018 CSI

    Hey guys! I am applying to the nursing program at CSI for the Fall 2018. Acceptances are posted on June 27, 2018. So nervous and excited to find out! I got a 139 (95th percentile) on the NLN-PAX entrance exam, and have a 3.41 GPA in the prerequisite courses, and well over a 3.0 as my overall GPA. I got As in 3 of the prerequisite courses, however I got a C+ in Bio 150. This is why my GPA dropped to a 3.41. That is literally the lowest grade I've ever gotten in my entire time in college. The minimum they require is a C is Bio and a 3.0 in the four prerequisite classes, with an overall GPA of a minimum 2.5. .Should I be concerned? Do they look at the Biology grade more strongly than the other prerequisites? Is there anyone else that has gotten into the program in recent years with a similar situation? Also, does anyone have any idea how many students they are taking this semester? Any information is much appreciated! Thank you!