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    Nursing math questions

    I have a couple of questions about calculating dosage questions in children. First example is a order for amoxicillin 50mg per kg per day PO q12 hr x 5 days for strep throat patient weighs 60 lbs available is 400mg per 5 ml, max dose is 500mg per dose how many ml will the child receive per dose? This patient would need the max dose which would be 6.25 ml per dose, I was taught to round to nearest tenth which would be 6.3ml if dose volume greater than 1 ml. but does this apply if max dose is calculated to the hundredth of an ml? the next question MD orders Ceftriaxone 50mg per kg IM to be administered in 2 separate injections for a child with otitis media patient weighs 21 lbs available 350mg per ml, how many ml per dose should be given? I completed the calculation using DA and come up with 1.3636 ml before dividing it into 2 separate injections. Should 1.3636 ml be rounded to 1.4 ml then divide or leave it and round the final calculation which I came up with 0.68ml per injection

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