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  1. Astronaut

    Medical City Dallas February 2019

    Ah well though!!! I'll keep trying other places hahah. Good luck to y'all!!!
  2. Astronaut

    Medical City Dallas February 2019

    Man, I never even got an interview
  3. Astronaut

    New graduate desperate for a job

    Hey dude; okay so I'm kind of like in the same boat a little bit, graduated in the DFW area December 2017, passed NCLEX this passed June. So I feel ya. Good luck finding somethingggg. Sent you a contact request in case you wanna like talk!!
  4. Astronaut

    Nurse Residencies in Dallas - February 2019

    Never heard a single peep from any Medical City unfortunately. Applied and squeezed in my applications on Oct 5 when they closed them. My hopes aren't high anymore ha
  5. Astronaut

    75 questions on NCLEX...

    Same, machine shut off at 75. Found out today from quick results that I passed. Anyhoo, the amount of SATA questions doesn't matter. I only got 6-7; I had a little running tally, and when it shut off I was devastated and figured I had bombed it. Had a weird mix of questions too and I had a hard time gauging it.