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  1. rnjp

    New grad anxiety

    im working nights now, my thoughts were more pay, less doctor hastle, less of a lot of things... reality, when things go wrong ur on your own, doctors dont always pick up at 3am. 3 night shifts is really 5 ( need a day of prep and a day of recovery....unless you are superhuman) getting cancelled at 5pm hurts way more than getting canceled at 5 am (you mean i slept all day for nothing?)
  2. rnjp

    I'm lost. I want to quit nursing.

    just curious why do you hate the ER? if it were up to the hospital they would have you crush pills with your fingers (cuz its free)
  3. New nurse. Learned a ton about the truth behind nursing so far. The ugly side the media and employers dont want the general public to know about. I understand each unit can be quite different within a hospital, but im just asking in general, like if you would refer a friend or family member to work as an RN at that facility. I work for a large employer in the Dallas area. They spend a lot of time in meetings talking about how nurse friendle they are, but from what I see they have very little respect for nurses behind the facade. There are some great nurses, but honesty/integrity/proper work etiquet ect.... seems to be lacking where im at. just looking for an honest opinion, especially from those who have worked at multiple facilities. Or if you have guidance of places to avoid...i'd like to know... Thanks
  4. the anger is in front the message is behind it....lol. but i doubt there is a message of true value as someone who can formulate such would most likely have the decency of acting like an adult in the first place.
  5. rnjp

    Taking NCLEXRN on July!

    With a Uworld Score that high you are 99.9999% going to pass nclex. I was 63rd percentile in UWorld and passed NCLEX in 95 questions. In my opinion Uworld was tougher than NCLEX.