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    I Caught the IV Yips

    Hello all, To introduce myself, I am a CNA/Nursing Student that is working as an ED Technician at my city’s hospital. Recently, I have been noticing many many MANY failed attempts at starting PIV’s in the department. This has been going on now for about a month, where I’ll go into a room, attempt to place a 20G in someone’s tree trunk of an AC, and somehow mess it up. Before this, I had been the one to slap a 14G or 16G into any trauma or critical care patient that rolled into our ED without trouble (except pediatrics and the little old ladies). I’m just wondering if this is normal and if over time I’ll have good months and bad months, or if I should schedule some time with our RN educator and do some extra practice? Either way I’m hoping it’s just all in my head. Let me know if you guys have had similar experiences!