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  1. Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    CONGRATS! ???
  2. Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    CONGRATS!! Now on to NCLEX! I have 69 more days to go...
  3. Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    Good job.. it will be over before you know it! :)
  4. Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    Hey! I missed a level 3 on the Nursing Care of Children ATI by 2 questions as well! I’m starting my OB portion of the semester this week... we lost 1/2 of our clinical days this semester because of the virus and there’s still a possibility of losing ...
  5. Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    Congratulations! ???
  6. Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    ?? Good job!
  7. Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    No, Med Surg and Pharmacology are in my last (4th) term, oh and I think Leadership and Mental Health too right because I haven't had those classes yet. Coming up this term is the Mat/OB, Community, and another Nurses Touch which is Wellness and Self...
  8. Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    Yeah, I have not had to do any ATI retakes thank god.. I hear those are even harder... I have Picmonic and I always forget about using it, and I did give Nursing.com a try, but it's too pricey to keep when I wasn't consistently using it. It's' almos...
  9. Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    Congrats! I just scored a Level 2 on my Peds ATI... I’ll be doing the Maternal/Newborn one in about 8 weeks or so. What’s your method for prepping? I generally just do the ATI question bank in Learn 3.0 over and over. I got a level 3 on Fundamentals ...
  10. Keiser 5/2019 BSN FastTrack

    Sarasota campus
  11. Keiser 5/2019 BSN FastTrack

    I have not completed the program, but I am currently in week 13 of 16 of the 1st semester. Yes, there is time to prepare, but I do not have little kids at home and I also do not work. School is my only focus. I would not recommend doing the progr...
  12. NOVA nursing VS KEISER

    I am attending a Keiser FastTrack/Accelerated BSN program but at a different location. I just completed week 5 of the 1st semester. It moves very quickly. I am taking 6 classes plus I will soon have a clinical day every week (those start week 7). ...
  13. Portage Learning Chemistry

    I took Chemistry for Health Professions - 108 which has been renamed to Foundations of General Chemistry - 121. I was able to complete the course in 6 weeks while I was also working a full time job. I did do a little of the work during the week (mo...
  14. I will be attending Keiser's ABSN at another campus starting in May. I would suggest that you make the time to go speak to them. They will let you fill out the application while you are there. There will be a test (wonderlic), a writing assignment...
  15. Portage Learning Chemistry

    Disregard... I found my answer.