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  1. MJT_BSN2B

    Keiser 5/2019 BSN FastTrack

    Sarasota campus
  2. MJT_BSN2B

    Keiser 5/2019 BSN FastTrack

    I have not completed the program, but I am currently in week 13 of 16 of the 1st semester. Yes, there is time to prepare, but I do not have little kids at home and I also do not work. School is my only focus. I would not recommend doing the program and working.
  3. MJT_BSN2B

    NOVA nursing VS KEISER

    I am attending a Keiser FastTrack/Accelerated BSN program but at a different location. I just completed week 5 of the 1st semester. It moves very quickly. I am taking 6 classes plus I will soon have a clinical day every week (those start week 7). Classes for me are M-F and pretty much all day (except Friday which is a half day). Almost every day, I have something due (assignments, papers, exams, quizzes, group presentations, ATI, Shadow Health). This program is seriously A LOT of work. I am lucky enough to have a supportive husband and I do not work. There is no way I could do all of this and handle a job. I do really like my school, and I feel like my instructors genuinely want us to succeed. I hope this helps. I know nothing about the Nova program.
  4. MJT_BSN2B

    Portage Learning Chemistry

    Disregard... I found my answer.
  5. MJT_BSN2B

    Portage Learning Chemistry

    To those that have taken chemistry through Portage Learning, I was wondering if the Pre-Exam ends up being your final exam as well? Or, if it doesn't, is the final still in the same question format as the pre-exam? TIA!
  6. MJT_BSN2B

    Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    Wow, very small class! When do you begin clinicals?
  7. MJT_BSN2B

    CLEP Test

    I used ModernStates.org for my CLEP exams. They paid for both the exams and the testing center fees. I also purchased a used college text book from the list provided on collegeboard.org for each exam I took and then reviews the material mostly using the bolded areas and chapter summaries. HG & D wasn't bad at all.
  8. MJT_BSN2B


    OMG that's crazy! Can I ask what state you are in? Also, CONGRATS!!
  9. MJT_BSN2B

    ATT, Hurst, Kaplan, all of the above..

  10. MJT_BSN2B

    I heard they were making the NCLEX harder in January 2019

  11. MJT_BSN2B

    Online PreReq suggestions?

    I also did this for Psychology and Human Growth and Development. Modern States reimbursed all fees. One thing I did to help me study after I completed the Modern States courses, was get a cheap college text book (older edition & used) on amazon and went thru chapter summaries. Anything that wasn't clear I read up on. There are also CLEP exam study guides available and on the website they will list text books that they recommend to go along with each subject.
  12. MJT_BSN2B

    Nursing school at 38?

    I am 43 and just finishing prerequisites so that I can begin my nursing courses next May. I have an 18 yr old daughter who just started college as well!
  13. MJT_BSN2B

    Teas Study Book

    Sent you a PM.
  14. MJT_BSN2B

    PVT "Good" pop up

    Wishing you good luck!
  15. MJT_BSN2B

    Keiser 5/2019 BSN FastTrack

    That's great!

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