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  1. I will be attending Keiser's ABSN at another campus starting in May. I would suggest that you make the time to go speak to them. They will let you fill out the application while you are there. There will be a test (wonderlic), a writing assignment and an interview. (but not all at that moment) You will also need letters of recommendation. There is no deadline. I believe there are a couple start times per year, at least at my campus, so it would depend on how many are enrolled as to when you can start. I hope this helps.
  2. MJT_BSN2B

    CLEP Test

    I used ModernStates.org for my CLEP exams. They paid for both the exams and the testing center fees. I also purchased a used college text book from the list provided on collegeboard.org for each exam I took and then reviews the material mostly using the bolded areas and chapter summaries. HG & D wasn't bad at all.
  3. MJT_BSN2B

    Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    That's great.. glad you are enjoying it! I'm 1/2 way thru my last prereq (Chemistry) that I am taking thru Portage Learning. It's really tough but I am maintaining an A average. Can't wait to be finished and for May to get here! Are you working at all while going thru school?