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  1. Pearson Vue states you have to reschedule 24 hours ahead of time in order to receive a refund. I am scheduled to take my NCLEX RN exam in the morning, but had an emergency come up today, and the option to reschedule or cancel was no longer available on my Pearson account. I called Pearson to talk to them about it, but the man on the other end was noticeably frustrated and would not give me a straight answer. Instead he kept saying, “ma’am I can’t refund you your money” even though I made it very clear I just wanted to cancel the exam. Since I didn’t get to cancel it on time, if I don’t show up, will it show as an NCLEX failure on my end? I ask this because if you fail the NCLEX, you have to wait 45 days to take it again, at least in my state. I really don’t want to have to wait 45 days before I can take it, just because an emergency came up. TIA
  2. I’m broke and need to study for NCLEX RN badly. I see everyone talking about Hurst and UWorld as great options but I simply cannot afford any of that. What are some things I can do to adequately prepare myself?
  3. Compared to AIDS Patients, how immuncompromised are transplant recipients?
  4. So it can be treated with antivirals? I know that seems like common sense since it is a virus but I read Somewhere there is no known antiviral to treat it
  5. It is my understanding that this is a very rare condition. Have you ever seen HPS in your career? If so, how does it manifest? What do labs usually look like, how do we treat it and what is the typical outcome?
  6. In school, we're taught to ALWAYS look up the push rate of an IVP and always go by that. But in clinicals, I've had people tell me they really don't do that unless they're serious meds (pain meds, digoxin, etc) and even then, they don't go at a certain rate.. they just go very slow. What is the general rule of thumb??
  7. I saw a post on fb earlier by a pt who's in the hospital for DKA. Says they are being pushed potassium. Granted I'm still a student, but I thought this was totally a no no.