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  1. Rnemery

    Practicum on cardiac floor with IMC

    Hey everyone! I've been placed on a cardio-thoracic surgery unit with an IMC for my senior practicum and I was wondering if there are any educational materials you nurses would recommend to help me get started? I would love to work on this unit when I graduate as well so any insight/advice would be appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Rnemery

    Urgent care insight/ favortism in nursing school

    Honestly you're so right. I was researching for my learning objectives and came across people saying negative things about that setting and had lil unwarranted pity party for myself! The experience will be what I make of it and the nurses I met already were so welcoming. Thanks everyone I needed some perspective.
  3. Rnemery

    APA citation-Help!

    use citationmachine.net
  4. I am a nursing student going into my senior year and I was fortunate enough to get accepted into a paid internship over the summer. There were so many awesome spots available in the hospital like in the ER, cardiac floors, ICU, urology/nephrology, etc. and I got placed in an the only outpatient urgent care center...I am honestly so defeated because the instructor emailed us and asked what we preferred and I was the first to reply. When we met as a group it was clear most students had experience with this instructor so I felt kind of cheated. I could really use some insight into the urgent care setting as a nurse because right now all I feel is that I'm wasting this opportunity on a very narrow scope of practice this summer. Thank you everyone in advance