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  1. Thoughts from a person with Borderline Personality Disorder

    Thank you for sharing your story mine is very similar. I am newly diagnosed we have known for years that I have ptsd from childhood trauma but there was always something else off about me. I too am discouraged by comments on here and by peers toward ...
  2. Having some issues with BPD (big shocker!)

    Thank you. I was recently diagnosed with BPD. I have spent my whole life wondering why I viewed things so differently than everyone else and why everyone seemed to hate me etc. I am working on my issues, I have to say we usually have other diagnosis ...
  3. Borderline Personality Disorder on the Behavioral Unit

    Thank you as someone who has been recently diagnosed with BPD, (also have a earlier diagnosis of ptsd) I am afraid to ask for help and reluctant to voice anything I am feeling because of the whole attitude of "oh look the borderline is seeking atten...
  4. Miserable nurses

    This exactly. This is what I was trying to say with my previous response. OP you are very stuck on this situation to the point you are seething and cant let go and just want something bad to happen to her. (get fired). You are coming off very mean in...
  5. Miserable nurses

    OK I am usually very nice but I am going to be honest you sound very entitled and snotty. You have no idea what is going on with this woman. Her mom could be struggling with cancer, her husband could be abusive, she could have a sick child etc. How d...
  6. School Shootings

    I agree with some other poster that the "glamorizing" of these shootings add to the issue. These shooters become famous. Nicholas Cruz who shot the school up in Florida was in the news for getting HUNDREDS of letters while in jail after killing all t...