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  1. tchampRN

    If you have time.

    Hello! I am looking for a Master prepared nurse in informatics? if you have time can you please PM me? I'd like to ask a few questions for an assignment coming up. It will be anonymous. Thank you:)
  2. I went to a for profit vocational school for my associates degree where I received a 3.3 GPA and then a non profit brick and mortar university where I received a 3.7 GPA for my BSN. I enjoyed both education and worked really hard for my associates and bachelors degree. I really think it's what you put into your studies etc. My husband went to the Naval Academy and that school is considered very prestigious and him all his classmates consider their education there mediocre w/ some(not all) incompetent instructors but hey its free and tax payers money. Then he went to an online non-profit university for his Masters and told me he got a better education there than fr the Naval Academy (acceptance rate is in the single digit percentile at USNA). My leadership at the Naval Hospital have degrees from for profits and non profits and my experience when I use to work for the civilian sector in a Magnet hospital (Southern Cali) the leaderships education was the same. It's all about who you know and how present yourself in the end. If you look like crap with a *meh* resume w/ no experience and you're from the #1 School for Nursing or the lowest ranking school...no one is going to care. You have no experience. They will select that nurse who has more experience than you with bachelors degree from a non profit/ for profit university. As for the a leadership position... do you think they will select a nurse at a very respectable hospital that belittle nurses online regarding what kind of education they received? All the leadership I worked with have been so kind, humble, and helpful when it came to discussing continuing your education and as long as it's from an accredited (regionally & nationally)university you are safe! it's your own individual preference. It's also ignorant to even hate and discredit anyone who worked so hard for their RN license no matter where it came from. If you are competent then you are good!
  3. People are mean because we live in an entitled and narcissistic world. People want to be at the top so they will try their best with their own opinions belittle everyone in their way. I heard about this on a podcast episode OPTIMAL DAILY LIVING
  4. tchampRN

    new nurse advice. screwed up?

    Hey girl, after your assessment and you knew something was wrong but your lead said otherwise still follow your gut feeling. It's the safety of the patient is what is most important and if the doctor yells at you for bothering him & giving him suggestions at least you documented and you did your best to keep the patient safe. Esp for post op there should be a policy and procedure to when things go down the toilet. I hope all is well! Take care:)
  5. tchampRN

    PSA: WGU now has an MSN in Informatics...

    Thank you for the quick reply. I find out next week if I'm able to do the program due to my location. :)
  6. tchampRN

    PSA: WGU now has an MSN in Informatics...

    Hi FeatherzRN! I'm currently looking into the BSN-MSN Informatics program. I'm currently working fulltime overseas at a US Military Hospital fulltime m-f 0730-1630. I'm not sure what the field experience requires because my enrollment counselor told me that I do this after hours at work? I'm not sure the military base would let me work after hours with a mentor? Please advise. Thank you.
  7. tchampRN

    I don't think I can take it anymore.

    Its going to be really hard the first year. Be strong and if you feel overwhelmed, confused, or something ask for help all the time. If you have a gut feeling that something is missing always ask for help or ideas what they would do in that situation esp. that you are new. We all don't know how the process works until you actually do it the first time around with other people. Someone training you and telling you how to do it the first time doesn't count. When it is your turn to do something think about it and ask yourself if you are prepared to do it on your own. If not that's when you ask "Hey, I have this and this who's transferring over here can you please help me with the process and what needs to be done... etc. etc. I don't want to miss anything" And on an ICU floor there should be checklists anyways on the screen for a transfer patient (or so we can hope they have a check list there lol). Anyways don't be so hard on your self. I was like that too... overwhelmed and wanted to quit. It's bad I'm telling you the first year it will be. It's nothing like nursing school. Take care :)
  8. tchampRN

    Nursing School Gave Me Cancer

    beautiful! thank you for sharing.
  9. tchampRN

    I can't make this stuff up

    lol too much:)
  10. tchampRN

    Student loans killing me!! stressed!

    I'm first generation American citizen and my family immigrated fr. a 3rd world country. When you don't have guidance when it comes to education we find it ourselves. The first though to bettering your life wasn't how much it was going to cost right? You wanted an education and thought the American opportunity will help you. That's too bad you didn't qualify for the forgiveness loan or even some of it. Keep trying though! Make sure they are federal govt. loans because if its private sallie mae/navient they won't pay for that. As for Dave Ramsey he helped me pay 70K in debt in 1.5 years. there are a lot of people who follow his steps to a debt free life. I wish you the best!
  11. tchampRN

    Right med but suspended

    What's unfortunate is that they suspended you first time around when it should be a teaching moment. Train you about the correct way to administer drugs when it comes to malfunctions like that. I'm sorry that they are treating you that way. Hopefully in the future it will be better. Always make it aware to your lead if you think something is not working and go fr. there. I wish you the best.