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  1. Kevin657

    How do surgeons treat nurses in your country?

    In my country,China,In my work place.98% are surgeons who are very nice.They address the nurses by sister/brother, say thank you,say sorry, warn you of sharp items on the field, assist in transferring the patient. They may also bother to converse with you regarding subjects beyond work.and we always have jokes during the surgery.
  2. Kevin657

    Bully Scrub Techs

    If I were you,I would *** them.
  3. Hello,everyone.My english name is Kevin,I am from Guangzhou,China.I work as an OR in a general hospital,nice to meet you all.I'm not good at English,but I like it. I've always expected to communicate with foreign friends of the same occupation.I hope I can learn something here,Thank you,everyone,Have a nice day.(And Is there any more Chinese nurses here?)
  4. Kevin657

    I have resigned last week

    I was a little nervous when I delivering my resignation. After all It's my first job,and it was my major in university. But I know that I have to do that.I have been thinking about to change my job.Also,I have no idea for where should I go, yeah,nothing,I did it.
  5. Kevin657

    what's your reason to be a nurse?

    thank you for understanding me
  6. Kevin657

    what's your reason to be a nurse?

    Thanks a lot for understanding me.I love you so much.
  7. Kevin657

    what's your reason to be a nurse?

    Go to work at 7 am,get off work at 8:30 pm.work exceed 13 hours everyday.
  8. Kevin657

    Could anyone help me ?

    thanks so much.
  9. Kevin657

    Could anyone help me ?

    Hello,everyone.I'm a Chinese large hospital's OR's RN. It's my honored in here. I'd like to see the test paper of certificate of nurse qualification in 2017/2016/2015.all of them are OK. I just want to know what 'the difference between China and USA. other countries can too. Thinks in advance.Thanks for reading.
  10. Kevin657

    It has been busy in summer

    It's my first time to write an article here.I'm not good at in English.I'v been studying English. I'm from Guangzhou,China.Guangzhou is a third biggest city in China. I've been working in the operating room about three years.At my department,we have 45 nurses and 35 anesthetists and 15 operating rooms.but we have to finish about 70 operations a day.It will be a lot work for everyone.especially for junior nurse.Normally,We go to work at 7:30 am,and then continuity work to 9 p m.Work overtime everyday.Sometimes,Even someone need to work at midnight later and work [COLOR=#666666]normally the next day at 7:30. may be you wouldn't believe what I said. [/COLOR]Medical environment in China is really tough.
  11. Kevin657

    Summer 2018 Plans?

    I have no days off in summer.And it would be really busy. what expect me is work overtime everyday.

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