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  1. SRNA2020

    Who interviewed for CRNA and did NOT get in?

    I got into 3 schools and rejected at one, so i guess I can chime in. The school where I was rejected had a very short interview process and the questions were consistent. Apart from that, I really can't pin point why I was not accepted.
  2. SRNA2020

    UPenn CRNA 2020

    I had applied in January, heard back for an interview around July. Turned it down as I had accepted elsewhere and the school is REALLY expensive.
  3. SRNA2020

    Has anyone applied for 2019 Fairfield University CRNA Cohort?

    Pretty much what the above commentor said.
  4. SRNA2020

    Has anyone applied for 2019 Fairfield University CRNA Cohort?

    I interviewed Sep. 12 and haven't heard anything. Out of curiosity, did your application page change? Mine says, Fairfield college: ESN, Fairfield Major: DNP Nurse Anesthesia. Do you guys see that too?
  5. SRNA2020

    Drexel/Villanova 2020 applicants

    Their clinical sites are spread over Delaware, PA, and NJ. You get a lot of clinical experience, I talked with a student who was at a clinical site, where she was the only SRNA, no competing SRNAs/Residents. They also provided her with a room since it was far away from Drexel Uni.
  6. SRNA2020

    MSN or DNP in 2019

    If one were to be accepted to a MSN and a DNP program, which would be a wiser choice? All things considered, MSN prepared CRNAs will be grandfathered in after 2025, this leads to one to get a MSN over a DNP due to the time restraint, it is cheaper, and less loans and interest on the loans. Furthermore, it has been seen that DNP programs have a lesser pass rate than MSN pass rate, which again could be due to the fact that you have to retain information for 6-8 months longer. And, finally if a point ever comes that MSN CRNAs are mandated to get a DNP, most employers will reimburse your tuition. What are your guys' thoughts on this? Which one would you choose if you were starting school next year or before DNP becomes a mandate in 2025?
  7. SRNA2020

    CTICU or Trauma/SICU

    It's what you make of the experience and how intelligently you can speak on it during your school interviews. I worked on a Level 1 trauma MICU, and I got into my top 2 choices. We use pressors, sedatives and pralytics on our unit almost everyday. Also, we have patients with central lines, arterial and CVP monitoring. I had other people who aspire to be CRNAs tell me switch into SICU or CTICU because apparently those are the only units that schools prefer. I have to make a footnote and say that, I had a high GPA, CCRN-CMC, and leadership to go along with that. I would advice you to pick the Level 1 trauma unit.
  8. SRNA2020

    Looking to speak to a SRNA in a PA program

    Hi, thank you for the PM, unfortunately it is not allowing me to send a PM back. Would it be okay to email you? If you are comfortable doing that, you can PM me your email address as I don't want to list my email here in the open, thank You.
  9. SRNA2020

    Is $40 Grand too much for an Associate Degree...

    Yes, it is a lot. But, if thats the only school you can get into then, do it.
  10. SRNA2020

    Looking to speak to a SRNA in a PA program

    Do you think, you can PM me?
  11. SRNA2020

    Villanova CRNA Spring 2019

    Ahan, what made it your top 2 choice?
  12. SRNA2020

    Villanova CRNA Spring 2019

    June 15th, Im stuck between two schools, funny enough like the other person. Do you know anyone that currently attends Villanova? I never even heard back from Excela.
  13. SRNA2020

    Villanova CRNA Spring 2019

    is this your first choice? Did you apply elsewhere?
  14. SRNA2020

    Villanova CRNA Spring 2019

    Just got an email and I interviewed beginning of May. How about you?
  15. Hi, I would like to discuss two schools with somebody who attends CRNA school in PA.