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  1. secondversenurse

    Forensic Nursing Internship for Nursing Student

    Hello! I have been combing the web for this exact topic. Did anyone ever get back to you (asking five years later)? Hopefully you are in the field now and can offer some advice? Thank you in advance, : )
  2. Hello Fellow Nursing Students and Nurses, To say my first semester as a nursing student was a bit rough is an understatement. It came as a huge surprise being that I was going into it with straight A's. While I had extremely supportive professors, I could have absolutely used advice from upperclassmen. I would like to establish a student mentor program for the incoming class. I would literally pull students I didn't know aside, and ask them about Patho or Clinicals. I found their advice to be gold. If you have an established student mentor program at your university can you please tell me how it is set up? Is it mandatory? I want it to be randomly assigned, and I would love a letter to be present at orientation from their assigned mentor. This letter would ideally have encouraging words, but mostly suggestions for a successful semester. Thanks in advance, : )