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  1. whine-and-cheese

    UCLA New Grad Residency Program Winter 2019

    Please let us know! I have an interview next Monday and have no idea what to expect!
  2. I'm hoping to take the Nclex sometime this next month, so I've been pretty busy studying. I seem to be getting questions regarding how to address delusions in pts with schizophrenia wrong all the time. In one question, the pt is anxious that someone is going to kill him. I was between an answer choice that stated that the nurse would stay with the patient and one in which the nurse tells the pt that no one is trying to kill you. Today, I'm doing more practice questions and get a similar question. Pt lost her headband, is anxiously stating that things are going to come out of her head. Again, I'm between answer choices that are 1. tell her that nothing is coming out of her head and 2. let's go in your room and look for your headband. When do you call out delusions and when do you try to ease the pt?
  3. whine-and-cheese

    UCLA New Grad Residency Program Winter 2019

    Applied to Neurotrauma ICU and PICU!
  4. Hi, I graduated nursing school in August and I've been applying to jobs and studying for the NCLEX. USC is one of the top hospitals that I want to work at, and I have been checking their Nurse Residency Information page pretty much everyday so see if they've updated any information. I have also called the number listed on the site for the Nurse Recruiter multiple times and always get sent to voicemail, and I've also tried called the general HR number for information and wasn't able to connect with anyone. I also haven't gotten any calls back from these numbers. Does anyone have any information on when the applications open based on past years? Also the same goes for Cedars-Sinai. Their website only goes up til the October 2018 cohort and they haven't updated their information in a while.
  5. whine-and-cheese

    California Licensure from Out-of-State

    First time poster, long time lurker. I am currently finishing up my nursing degree in Maryland. I am originally from California and would still consider that my permanent residence. I have gotten so many differing opinions about the best way to get licensed in California so might as well ask here too. I have heard the process takes a hell of a long time if applying from out of state, anywhere from 3-5 months after graduating. So would the best way be to take the Maryland NCLEX and endorse it to CA (which I also hear takes a while), or just be patient and take it in California?