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  1. caffeeinated

    BCIT January 2020

    Congratulations everyone! I'm so excited to see you all in January!
  2. caffeeinated

    BCIT APRIL 2020

    Not sure if they've updated it by now but from what I've experienced, they usually open/close the program applications on weekdays. (:
  3. caffeeinated

    BCIT January/April 2019 Intake Discussion

    Totally should have said this earlier but good luck everyone! It's so nerve-wracking waiting for the news, good or bad.
  4. caffeeinated

    BCIT January/April 2019 Intake Discussion

    Oh, sorry to worry you but no, that hasn't changed! Starting for 2018 intakes, BCIT stated that any of the A&P courses must have been completed from the Fall 2014 semester onwards. So, it's pretty much the same as the 3 years time limit they had but I know a couple of people who couldn't apply by this August 31st deadline because of that change.
  5. caffeeinated

    BCIT January/April 2019 Intake Discussion

    Oh man, you're totally going to get in! You literally tick off all the boxes in each category that they look at! Sigh, I hope so but they usually have 300+ applicants for 64 seats each intake so even with the lack of activity here, I have no clue if that's gonna be a true reflection of reality. ): Maybe the change with the A&P courses have caused a drop in applicants too but until the deadline, we really have no clue. ):