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  1. PaulicusFrumkinius

    How do I deal with clinical sites treating students like garbage?

    Regarding the food , no I can't keep it in the car. It gets really really hot in the car. Not a good place to keep food And we have to park about half a mile away. It takes half the lunch just to get there sometimes.
  2. So I am a nursing student studying to be an LVN and we do our clinicals at SNFs and subacute facilities. Their treatment of students has been bordering on ridiculous. We're not allowed a place to sit down and put down our stuff for pre and post conferences. We're not allowed to bring our bags work us and are supposed to keep them in our cars. No "talking, laughing or excessive smiling in the hallways." No drinking water in the hallways so we have to step outside. We can't be at the nursing station to see the charts, but we're not allowed to use any tables either. So we have to stand to the side, holding the charts and our notes and using our legs as writing surfaces. And then we get yelled at for crowding the halls or called "The Flamingo Bunch" by passing nurses and staff. We are not allowed to bring our food for lunch and it's in an area where the cheapest lunch is 15-20 bucks and that's hard on a nursing student. And worst of all there's this social worker whose transgressions against me are too many to name. So my question is this: is this something that I'm just going to have to tolerate or is there something I can do about it? Oh and they also keep taking my pens. So there's that.