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  1. LK32

    TEAS prep courses?

    Does anyone know what schools are offering TEAS prep courses in Dallas?
  2. LK32

    SAC Nursing Program

    Oh wow, I didn't know you could do a tour. I want to apply at UT health or baptist, but they are outrageously expensive.
  3. LK32

    SAC Nursing Program

    I saw that...It's really difficult to get into the program, so I don't know why they are disorganized, and their pass rates are low. You would think since it is so hard to get into that they would be high.
  4. LK32

    SAC Nursing Program

    How bad disorganized? I am on my last class now, but I still need to take the TEAS.
  5. LK32

    SAC Nursing Program

    Anyone applying for the Fall 2019 Nursing Program at SAC???