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A super big, 6'8", 330 pound nursing student trying to navigate this crazy training with the added complexity of being the largest person to come through my school's program.

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    Stethoscope, hearing issue r/t eartube angle

    Yep. They were the ones who mentioned default size on stethoscopes was large, then I double checked. Guess I'm looking for someone who has either dealt with this directly, or has experience with professional (or experienced) ear tube bending, or any other solution that can be provided. Just so sick of falling behind due to being a mountain of a man. :(
  2. I have purchased two different Littmann stethoscopes, currently using the veterinary one (I'm massively tall, needed the length). Both had the angled eartubes. When I place the eartips in my ears with the proper forward angle, the right side stops conducting sound after about 10 seconds. This occurred on both scopes, so it is probably not a defective tube or chestpiece. It seems as though the Littmanns come with the largest possible earbuds already (bought a pack with large and small to compare, the included ones were large already). I'm convinced that my ear opening is just too big and the earbuds are sliding farther in than is expected, obstructing sound (strange that it only happens on the right and not the left though). No instructor or medical supply place has been able to give any good advice, and I'm struggling to assess everything stethoscope related. I've stretched them out as much as I can to remove the tension, and even tried to bend them back to a more perpendicular angle to my head, but I'm a little scared of ruining them. Nothing has worked. Anyone dealt with this and have some semester-saving advice? Thanks.