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    Kaiser telemedicine RN from home

    I have an interview this week for KPOC, but these comments are concerning to me. I was curious if there was a high turnover because they have really rushed me through the process. I am currently in an acute care setting and I love patient interaction, but I got into a terrible accident and can no longer handle the physical demands of my job so I'm looking for something less physically demanding. But the thought of micromanagement and constant call volume with no breaks concerns me for a number of reasons. I am not when that changes jobs frequently, I have been in my current position for 15 years, I was hoping for something that would be long-term. I was told over the phone that after six months I could work from home but some of you were saying that that is not the case? Can anyone please elaborate for me what this is like once you have passed the six-month training. And are working on your own at home? Is there still micromanaging that occurs, thank you so much for any information you can give me.