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  1. The pain management clinic I perform testing for only sees Not Detected for results under the cutoff. I think the actual value should be given because if a patient is compliant, but the value is 49 instead of 50+, they could run the risk of termination from the clinic. Is this how it works everywhere?
  2. brdbat416

    Drawing labs from CVC locked with heparin

    Your comments are all over the place. Do you think POCT benefits the patient or not? First, you defend POCT, probably because I'm a "lab tech". Then, after I say it has its place in patient care, you say it isn't what's best for the patient due to how it's billed. I feel it has its place in certain situations, but cannot replace in the lab testing overall. The reason lab bills POCT is because they are lab tests. The lab makes sure all POCT meet regulatory compliance and other "minor" details you may not know about. Just because you stick a patient for blood and put that drop of blood on a very easy to use device doesn't mean you're doing all the work. Please, at least try to see that everyone working as a medical professional has the patient's best interest at heart ( administration not included).
  3. brdbat416

    Blood Collection Variables are a Risk to Patients

    Hello, I know this is an old post, but was wondering where you are in this process? I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist and found it very troubling that nurses don't have more training in this area. My hospital lab started training new employees in phlebotomy with mixed results. I know nurses don't have a lot of extra time, but getting an ASCP certification in phlebotomy may be interesting/worth it to some. As a MLS, thank you for being proactive in drawing quality labs.
  4. brdbat416

    Drawing labs from CVC locked with heparin

    I actually do understand the difference between statistically significant and clinically significant accuracy. We are taught that in school. It seems like you're the one who feels threatened. I joined this site to get a nursing perspective on the different roles of hospital staff with the hopes of educating and in return learning something new. Every department in a hospital serves as a check and balance for each other. Nurses have an important role in patient care, but so does the lab and respiratory therapy and radiology, etc. I have close friends and family who are nurses, so I know what your education and work experiences include. On the other hand it seems very few nurses understand the educational requirements for the other staff. You think patient care is solely in your domain and I feel sorry for you. You go ahead and think what you want about the lab though, I know why I became a Medical Laboratory Scientist. It was to help patients. By the way, POCT falls under the lab, so even though you run the test, a MLS still makes sure that everything is done correctly. Quality control, correlation studies, calibration verification, etc is all overseen by lab.
  5. brdbat416

    Drawing labs from CVC locked with heparin

    I have been a point of care coordinator, so I know what I'm talking about. I didn't say they were unsafe. I said they were not as accurate. I also said that lab professionals are concerned about patients. That's why we went to college to learn how to give the best quality lab results. Comparing POC analyzers to lab analyzers is like comparing a dollar store walkie talkie to a military grade communication device. I also never said POC testing doesn't have it's place in patient care. It shouldn't be used as the only/primary testing.
  6. brdbat416

    Drawing labs from CVC locked with heparin

    I know this is an old Post, but I feel I should clarify for future views. POCT are a screening tool. They do not have the precision and accuracy of a sophisticated lab analyzer. The lab is very concerned about patients.... that's why we work in the hospital lab and make sure test results are accurate.
  7. brdbat416

    Nurses' Week - Upended.

    I definitely understand where you're coming from. Nurses work hard. As a Medical Laboratory Scientist, we have to put together our own activities and food for National Laboratory Week. Administration completely ignores this time. It seems like this trend is moving out of the lab into the rest of the hospital. It's disheartening.