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  1. MeganEvans

    I want to nurse in California, USA - Help!

    Since I am doing an adult nursing course the chances are that I could ask my university to provide me with placements in these different areas, however I'm more worried about the theory side of it as I may not have the opportunity to have theory sessions in paeds and obstetrics because in the UK that's a different course at uni called Child Nursing (Bsc). I'm wondering if I really should instead be looking at trying to apply to a university in CA to undertake my training there as I would at least have the required amount of theory and clinical hours then.
  2. MeganEvans

    I want to nurse in California, USA - Help!

    Hi silverdragon, thanks for your response! I may sound really naive and silly asking this but what exactly is a transcript? I could try to arrange my placements to be in these areas hopefully, but if that seems too hard for my uni to accommodate I may consider trying to transfer to a university over in California to complete my training (however that seems difficult as I know in california it could be competitive).
  3. My name is Megan and I am a 19 year old nursing student living in the UK about to finish my first year at uni of my Adult Nursing degree. I am determined to move to America in the future, specifically California, to live and work as a nurse. Now I know and fully understand that this is REALLY HARD to do and it's not easy to fulfil the requirements that America want me to have. Which is why I thought if I start planning now before I've even become an RN I'd be able to figure out what I need, what I don't have and what exams I need to pass. I really want this to become a reality for me and am willing to go to any length to make this happen. I would appreciate any and all advice that any nurses could give me especially if you are from the UK and have already made this near impossible journey. I really want to do my research so please tell me anything that I need to know! Thanks. :)

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