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  1. EshonBurgundy

    TCU Jan 2019/SRNA advice in general

    Thanks for the reply. Another question I have, if you have the time to answer, is more subjective but is one that I'm hoping you will be able to answer. Most programs I've researched state that the total time commitment including study time is around or just over 60 hrs/week. In comparison, TCU's website states, "The student's time commitment is approximately 64 hours during a seven-day week. This time commitment does NOT (emphasis added) include study time. One hour of classroom time generates two or more hours of study time." Again, it is subjective, but based on your own and other students' experiences that you know of, would you agree that 64 hrs of time commitment NOT including study time is accurate? Again, I really appreciate your help!
  2. EshonBurgundy

    TCU Jan 2019/SRNA advice in general

    Did you work full-time during the first 8 months of the program? During that time, were those classes synchronous, asynchronous, or a little bit of both? How much of a break do you get between semesters? What would you say is the biggest advantage of TCU's program compared to others? Disadvantages?
  3. EshonBurgundy

    Barry CRNA starting May 2019

    Can you elaborate on the horror stories you are hearing
  4. EshonBurgundy

    Drexel/Villanova 2020 applicants

    I just finished my application to both schools. What was your interview like at each school?

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