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  1. UTEP vs UT Tyler PMHNP programs?

    That does sound pretty terrible. I've known some people who went to UTA for FNP and the workload sounded tedious, so I didn't bother applying. I did my BSN through Texas Tech. Overall the program was pretty straightforward, mostly just wrote pa...
  2. UTEP vs UT Tyler PMHNP programs?

    I'll probably go with UT Tyler because the campus is much closer than El Paso. Do you not like the program at UT Arlington?
  3. Just got my acceptance email from UT Tyler and have a interview with UTEP next week for the Spring 2023 semester. I would appreciate input from anyone that has experience with either of these programs. Thanks
  4. UTEP FNP Fall 2018

    I received an email a day after the status changed on the website.
  5. UTEP FNP Fall 2018

    That's rough, waiting sucks. At least I know that I was not accepted. My application status changed on July 5th to "reject". Never even got to interview. I sent a letter inquiring if there was anything particularly unappealing about my application ...
  6. UTEP Fall 2018 FNP

  7. UTEP Fall 2018 FNP

    Well, my application status changed to "Decision made: reject" which I was already anticipating. I'm not too upset about it though. I figure things work out as they should.
  8. UTEP Fall 2018 FNP

  9. UTEP Fall 2018 FNP

    I did not apply to any other programs. I will do some research and soul searching to decide if I want to reapply again soon or just spend some time enjoying life. Although I would love to continue my education, I also enjoy not stressing out about sc...
  10. UTEP Fall 2018 FNP

    Congrats on getting an interview! Let us know how it goes and what kind of questions they ask. I haven't heard anything either Moya. Did you apply to any other programs? UTEP was my only application.
  11. UTEP FNP Fall 2018

    I applied, haven't heard anything yet. Good luck!