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    What do I do?

    I am a certified nursing assistant. I am having a lot of anxiety about going into work and being scheduled to work a set by myself, especially since I've injured myself and have been put on light duty and heavy restrictions by my doctor. And fear that if I go in and refuse to clock in or accept the assignment, I will lose my job and/or be accused of job/patient abandonment. My job is having a very hard time keeping employees... Ever since a new administrator came in, and we are suffering this employee shortage the most on 2nd shift. Things have changed drastically since my 2 years of working there. I ultimately want to quit, but I want to do it the right way and not ruin any chances of future employment, and... Since I've gotten hurt on the job, and they have paid for my medical bills and are paying for me to go through physical therapy... I don't know my legal rights and what I should and should not do... I know I also don't want to lose the medical treatment I'm getting for my arm, I want to get better.