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  1. Powell.E

    Chamberlain Sacramento May 2019

    Any news for those who applied for May start? I applied for September and my advisor told me the committee is meeting the week of feb 18. The wait is killing me! If anyone was deemed academically eligible for May, what are the next steps ?
  2. Powell.E

    Chamberlain Sacramento May 2019

    My advisor just called me and my Chamberlain score was a 96.9% so we’ll call than 97% haha I’m in the first round of applications for September!! My fingers are crossed for you guys, you both have excellent HESI scores and GPA’s. I’m anxious to hear if we get accepted!! Do you know when you should hear about your status?
  3. Powell.E

    Chamberlain Sacramento May 2019

    I think for those who applied in May should find out soon! I am applying for September so I probably won’t find out until the end of April! Just torture!
  4. Powell.E

    Chamberlain Phoenix Jan. 2019 Start

    Does anyone know if we can transfer form the Arizona campus to Sac campus ?
  5. Powell.E

    Chamberlain Sacramento May 2019

    Hey Maggie, i think you’re going to get in NO PROBLEM! They usually accept a 3.2-3.6 GPA and a HESI of 90.5% and higher! I didn’t have any of the sciences done when I originally took the HESI. I scored 90’s on everything and only 80’s in the sciences which brought down my overall score. I’m going to be applying again in March for the fall 2019 cohort and hopefully I do better since I have taken the sciences, if I don’t get into Sac this time around I’m considering transferring my application to the Nevada campus and then either trying to transfer within back to the sac campus or just sucking it up for two years and take the NCLEX in Cali
  6. Powell.E

    Loma Linda Nursing Fall 2018

    hi guys, I know I’m super late on this thread but I wanted to know what everyone’s stats were that were accepted ? i have a 3.4 overall GPA and a 3.8 pre req GPA 79% on the TEAS currently a licensed medical assistant with 160 hours of paid experience and a volunteer with 20 hours so far and counting I will be applying for the fall of 2019 with 2 phys ed classes in progress (the only courses I have left for the ore reqs)