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  1. Hello! I am starting my residency soon and saw this lovely comment on a Youtube video and wanted to see how other nurses start their day. I'm wondering how varied it is, as I'm aware every person establishes their own routine. For some reason, readin...
  2. Lake WA Tech Winter 2019

    Hi Meng Ling, Sorry for the late reply. I ended up going with Bellevue College at the time, so I can't speak to that program sadly. Good luck!
  3. I put the blinders on and am regretting it

    Haha, yeah. That would make sense. Verbal assault to me is not really assault. I worked in call centers and support jobs for years and had the worst things said to me. Those things you just have to brush off and not take it personally. 🙂
  4. Burnout, the Literature, and Understanding

    Hi Pam. I'm a nursing student right now and something I observe in faculty that are long-tenured is that they have a higher inclination to becoming jaded. Tenureship also fosters a mindset of immunity to feedback and improvement, as well as accountab...
  5. I feel so, so stupid right now. The optimist in me said this entire time that I can handle an occasional bout of violence from a patient. But how would I even know that if I've never been assaulted in any way in my entire life? I am really upset at t...
  6. Nurse Hackathon starting tonight This is sponsored by Microsoft and is a collaborative effort to address major issues in healthcare. Your voice and input can be heard and major discussion can take place. Please consider joining to provide your ...
  7. Bellevue College Nursing 2019 Winter

    Would everyone prefer to connect via Facebook and/or Discord (if you're familiar with it)?
  8. Bellevue College Nursing 2019 Winter

    It worked for me too! Thank you for updating us! I'm excited to meet you all.
  9. Bellevue College Nursing 2019 Winter

    Yes, me too! I'm glad we aren't alone in this issue as well. It just means that it's them and not us, so it should be okay!
  10. Bellevue College Nursing 2019 Winter

    I haven't been able to pay. I emailed Jorja and Dianne. I am waiting for them to get back to me. I hope everyone else is emailing them too, so they know it's not just an isolated issue.
  11. Bellevue College Nursing 2019 Winter

    Yep! They're blue. We'll have to buy special scrubs with the BC logo on them. They'll go over it on orientation day. I wouldn't buy anything until then if you ask me.
  12. Bellevue College Nursing 2019 Winter

    I know someone from the fall cohort and she says they had the same issue when they started and it eventually got resolved. We just need to keep Jorja and the other staff informed that it's not working when they get back into the office. The more peop...
  13. Bellevue College Nursing 2019 Winter

    I'm curious if anyone else got the "invalid item number" error when trying to pay the fee?
  14. Bellevue College Nursing 2019 Winter

    Interesting! This was not the case for me. It says I have a zero balance. I hope it works soon.
  15. Bellevue College Nursing 2019 Winter

    I got my acceptance email too! I had trouble with adding the item to pay the fee, but Jorja said to keep trying over the holiday weekend and let her know if it still doesn't work