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  1. Arafelle

    Nurse Hackathon starting tonight

    https://www.nursehack4health.org/ This is sponsored by Microsoft and is a collaborative effort to address major issues in healthcare. Your voice and input can be heard and major discussion can take place. Please consider joining to provide your highly valued input, no matter where you stand in the field!
  2. I am in the same boat as Laci_love. I have a 4.0 GPA and 87.3 score on the TEAS.. but I still didn't get in. I thought I answered all parts of the essay prompt but still got a low score. :/
  3. I just got the letter that I didn't get in. I'm sad, but I know I'll get in somewhere eventually. Here's the stats I was given: Nursing Admissions Averages for students selected to Fall 2018 cohort Total # of Applicants: 171 Average Cumulative Prereq. GPA 3.52 Average TEAS Composite Score 75.10 Average Prior Education points 2.8 Average Essay Points 20.39 Average Total Points 80.66 Total Points Range Published after quarter begins
  4. We'll hear back in 4 more days! Crossing my fingers. :)

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