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  1. Med-Surg Certification

    Unfortunately I don't have a good answer for that. I looked up CMSRN first and I found a lot of resources to help guide my studying. I saw a lot more support and ways to get ready.
  2. Med-Surg Certification

    I did the CMSRN. Good luck on yours! Usually the best was to study is to use recommended study guides by the organization, it can be expensive but at least the hospital will reimburse me.
  3. Med-Surg Certification

    Yes! I used the book and review questions recommended by amsn.org. They have a 600 page review book that I read through and a booklet of review questions. I've studied pretty consistently 2-3 hours a week since May and wrote down some notes (I study ...
  4. Med-Surg Certification

    What exam are you taking? Med surg? I taking my exam in about 2 weeks I’ll keep you posted!
  5. Med-Surg Certification

    FYI. I tried to PM that poster but never got a response.
  6. I'm looking for some flashcards or study guides to help me better understand PFTs. Any information/resources you have would be very helpful. Thanks!
  7. I really want to do the right thing and I need help!

    I was accused on diverting due to some erratic behavior and one inappropriate phone call made during my time off to my manager. It was absolutely warranted. I had some issues with alcohol at the time. I was aware but scared and it was getting out of ...
  8. I really want to do the right thing and I need help!

    Also if the nurse is giving more narcotics than other nurses, pharmacy is able to see that as well.
  9. Therapy Animals to help with Addiction

    Having a puppy gave me an extra responsibility and something to sort of be accountable for. The first few months were absolutely horrible. I cried many nights because my very vocal puppy kept me up. She definitely helps with my anxiety and I always l...
  10. What do they teach these days in school?!

    We do online modules about it yearly but i'm guessing most people just skip through it to get it done.
  11. What do they teach these days in school?!

    I confronted a nurse who was looking up her previous patient who had been transferred to a higher level of care. Her was response was "whatever, I don't even care!" I then explained to her that it was HIPAA violation 1) could be flagged by corporate ...
  12. Stroke Units and Depression Screening

    Any routinely do depression screenings after a stroke diagnosis? I'm trying to start a protocol on my unit, any insight would help!
  13. SCRN Experience

    I tested this past December and passed! I used the AANN book, review book and fast facts!
  14. is CNRN appealing for neuro pediatric nurse recruiter?

    Do you have the option of getting pediatric certification? That would probably be the best option.
  15. Med-Surg Certification

    I just purchased the app! Hoping it will help I also have book recommended by the AMSN and i want to finish that as well. I applied for the test yesterday so I have to get myself in gear. But this isn't my first or second certification. I'm officiall...