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  1. slareb

    Vancouver Island University ( Viu) Fall 2019

    I will be moving from Toronto actually. I'll be landing on 28th. I do have insta. It's shimlamirch12. Just added you there. Let's talk more there! Cheers
  2. slareb

    UFV January 2020 Intake

    I have applied there too. There will be interviews and on-site writing essay after the program session. so I think they will look into it as well. Health experience should definitely be a positive point! what is a RCA? I am legit applying from Finance background, I worked as Financial Analyst and started volunteering at Canadian blood donation and plan to do more in summer before submitting my application. Did you submit everything?
  3. Hello all, I am waiting for my decisions from viu for BSN. Who else received an offer? Sumaiya
  4. slareb

    Human anatomy and physiology exam tips

    hey, I just started studying for this course. I am hoping to give me first midterm mid June. I am going to apply for accelerated program in 2019 and this is a pre-req i need. Also, looking to get my gpa boosted by this. Currently, i am just following study guides and reading anatomy flash cards. Can you give me some tips on what to really focus on? any advise on what chapters i can focus on for first midterm and how were the critical questions? were they tricky? or similar to study guide provided? Thanks, Sumaiya Lareb