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  1. MSN TO NP

    Im not the OP but im jw if lets say at the beginning of your nurse career you chose to be an NP but years later if you wanted to switch to PMHNP is it possible to switch later in life even if you had to go back to school?
  2. Any nursing lab jobs?

    Yes but I read somewhere that an NP could work in a hospital as part of the infectious disease team. Is that wrong? I know they wouldn’t do anything with a microscope but they would still be involved with learning about Microbiology and how to treat ...
  3. Any nursing lab jobs?

    What about could an NP work with or as an infectious disease provider or in virology for example?
  4. How Healthy Eating Can Help with Weight Loss

    I like your article but I think your sources could use some work. Eating fruits on an empty stomach is better according to who???? For example. In my own experience changing my diet has helped a lot. I cut out all added sugars. I aim for ...
  5. Newbie Questions About NP Career

    I am from the northeast as well and in my college class my professor is an NP and according to her, in my area, and FNP can work as almost anything (ED, family practice, inpatient or outpatient). Your schedule seems great! If for example you la...
  6. Newbie Questions About NP Career

    That is very interesting. I never knew an NP could make partner somewhere. Is that pretty rare to do so? and would your salary go up upon making partner?
  7. Newbie Questions About NP Career

    Hello. I am a nursing student starting this fall for an RN diploma program so I'll be an RN in less than 2 years (god willing 🙂 ) and long term I've been interested in becoming an NP. I am just wondering, for NPs what are the work hours like? ...
  8. Any nursing lab jobs?

    Hello so I'm a brand new nursing student and I'm wondering are there any jobs for nurses or nurse practitioners where you work with a microscope? I'm taking a Microbiology class right now and its really interesting looking for pathogens and stuff lik...
  9. Nursing and overtime?

    Hello I'm a new member! Ive been creeping for over a year but I decided to join because I'm becoming more serious about the career. In particular I'm wondering can nurses work as much OT as they want? While I'm young and before I start a family id li...