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  1. angeLganda83

    Newly RN bit name doesn't appear at Nursys

    Hi, I just received my license dated 10/9/2018 from NMI but my name isnt searchable in NURSYS yet, it's been a month now, what should I do?
  2. angeLganda83

    Ex- Saudi Filipino nurse applying for NMC-UK

    . Employment certificates: I did not use my employment certificates and reference letters for my NMC application but there are NMC forms that need to be filled up by 2 direct supervisors from your previous employment (Charge nurse, Head Nurse, Nurse Manager, Nurse Supervisor, Department Head, etc.) Meaning, I can ask 2 supervisors from the facility where I worked in PH before going here in Saudi to accomplish those forms right? Thank you sooo much. Your reply had been a great help!
  3. angeLganda83

    Ex- Saudi Filipino nurse applying for NMC-UK

    Hello guys, So, I started working in KSA on Feb 2016 and is still working in a polyclinic in Riyadh. I wanna make sure that before I leave, I have everything that I need for my NMC-UK application. 1 . Final EXIT Visa in ENGLISH I asked the Liaison Officer about this and I was redirected to the general manager about it. I called the embassy and was advised that I just need to tell the Immigration Officer in the airport at the day of my flight that I need a hard copy of my Final Exit Visa. If worse comes to worst that they wont give me a copy, are there any alternatives for it? 2. Police Clearance from Saudi Arabia - translated and stamped by the Chamber of Commerce I was able to get Police Clearance, it is already translated but haven't been stamped by the Chamber of Commerce 3. NMC FORMS - License verification from SCFHS to NMC ( to be filled up and sent ) Im not sure if someone will be available to do this for me once I leave KSA 4. Employment certificate from Saudi - needs to have details of sick leave -reference letter from employer less than six months with official stamp Im still asking for COE. I never had a Sick Leave though. I dont know what a Reference Letter is, please enlighten me.. is this synonymous to Recommendation Letter? 5. Good Standing Certificate - less than six months I thought the validity of this document is 3 mos? 6. SCFHS Certification ( Gray Colored Certificate) copy in with english translation I think I have this, im not sure though bec it is written in arabic.. Is it the one that says my name, the university where I got my BSN and the date that I got my degree? Is this the same as "Professional Accreditation Certificate"? 7. Copy of SCFHS card I have a copy of my card but it is written in arabic too. Also, my employer made it obvious that he doesnt want me to leave. I honestly had a hard time getting Police Clearance. Im not sure if I'll be verified by my saudi employer once they get the forms. Should I stay and work as a nurse at PH for at least a yr or so just in case my Saudi employer wont verify my employment as a nurse here in KSA? Please help