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  1. Hey, I am currently taking Chem 121 for my BSN program. I've never been super interested in Chemistry, but this course is not that bad. I've read many negative reviews about them, but I've been having a good experience with them so far. I started this course about 3 weeks ago and plan to finish it in a week or so. I think its definitely possible to finish it in 7-8 weeks. I have 2 little ones and work., its been tough, but doable. Good luck.
  2. Journey2121

    Resurrection University Nursing Program Fall 2019

    You have to complete a background check, drug test, have to provide titers for immunizations, physical exam. They usually give you a list of all the requirements and the due date, which I believe is July 12. Oh and thanks, I'm kind of nervous about Chemistry. Not my strongest subject, why I waited until the end to take it.
  3. Journey2121

    Resurrection University Nursing Program Fall 2019

    Thank you! I still have to finish speech and chemistry, which I'm taking this summer. I need to submit my final transcript before the semester starts. I do plan on going there, currently working on completing my health requirements for the program. I applied for the daytime.
  4. Journey2121

    Resurrection University Nursing Program Fall 2019

    Hi, Thanks! I actually received an email back in April and got accepted! I was expecting a phone call first but instead I got an email with the acceptance letter. Hope you hear from them soon. Good luck!