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  1. Jenn98

    Do I have time to take 'fun' classes when in nursing school?

    I think it would be fine if the class doesn’t have a lot of work, assignments, and/or exams. We all need a little time for ourselves. I would just make sure there isn’t a lot of work involved prior to registering. Otherwise, I would wait and see how you handle the first semester of nursing school.
  2. It’s just you. I think it just depends on the person. I’m only in my first semester, and have nearly lost my mind. The content is as hard as I imagined. I wouldn’t say it is necessarily harder than the classes of my previous degree. And DEFINITELY easier than the epidemiology and statistics class I took for that degree, but it is the TIME you have to put in to be successful. For instance, I have 14 different assignments due over the next few days, and that doesn’t include all the reading that I need to do. I also feel like I spend a lot of time trying to get organized and learning how to study and handle the NCLEX style questions (hating the select all that apply-grr!!). Add to that 3 kids, laundry, a messy house, appointments, dinner, two dogs, and a husband that works full time, it is overwhelming!!! I know many of my classmates are in the same situation. Everyone has a different situation, and some people handle stress better than others. I recommend using your situation to help your fellow classmates. You can help them study or support them when they are freaking out about an exam, etc.
  3. Hello, I am two weeks into my first semester of my ASN program, and I am not sure I can do this!!! I KNEW it was going to be hard, but I guess I didn’t realize how time consuming and complex it would be on day one. I am significantly behind on the reading (wasn’t prepared for the quantity assigned the first week) and feel so lost already. I have 3 kids and a husband, so cannot devote every waking moment to this, but feel like I need to. I would love any tips or advice you may have. I am still debating dropping out, as I can still get a refund on my tuition at this point. Also, at this point, I am just reading and highlighting, but I am told for MedSurg you have to take notes as you read. But what do you take notes on?? Help!!!
  4. Jenn98

    Terrified...is this normal?

    Thank you for the responses. A little background, I def struggle with anxiety. I have always been "high strung," but a few years ago I suffered from an extensive DVT (I could barely walk for months) and a year later my mom died from a PE. That ramped my anxiety up quite a bit, and was on medication and in counseling. Anyway, I am feeling a bit better, and talked with another student and she was also feeling the same. Much of what I am feeling is fear of the unknown, especially related to clinicals. I wanted to ask about it at orientation, but it was so rushed, and went over with little time to ask questions. I start actual clinicals 3 weeks in and I CANNOT imagine having enough knowledge that quickly to be caring for actual patients! Like, wth are they thinking?! I wish the orientation would have been more informative as to what to expect/how to prepare for the nursing program, but it was rushed and mostly talked about financial aid, etc. Thank you again for the support!!!
  5. Jenn98

    How to fight procrastination and sleeping in?

    I am in the same situation as you. I start in January, have 3 days of 8am classes and one day of a 6:30am clinical. It may seem silly to others, but I recently read a study that there are biological differences between night owls and early birds. I think you are on the right track. My plan is to start gradually. Currently, I am usually awake at 5:30 ish because I have kids and my middle schooler leaves at 6:30, so that helps. Good luck to you! We can do this!!
  6. Jenn98

    Crash Course - Hank Green

    Good luck! I used Crash Course to prepare for the TEAS. I took it before a & p, and I did well enough to get in to my nursing program.
  7. Jenn98

    Terrified...is this normal?

    Omg, thank you!!!!
  8. Jenn98

    Terrified...is this normal?

    I start nursing school in a month and a half and I am TERRIFIED. I had orientation last week, and almost walked out. I bawled during break, and just felt so anxious and out of place the entire time. I have a BS already in health education, have a husband and 3 kids, am in my 40s. I have stayed home with my kids for 14 years, and just felt like getting my ASN would be a good fit with my background. I'm worried I will not be there enough for my kids, I'm terrified of clinicals, and also worried I won't be smart enough. Is this normal? It seems like everyone else is really excited, and I'm already wondering if I should just quit!
  9. Jenn98

    Ivy Tech Spring 2019 Hopefulls

    I just got my letter today. FW campus. Gulp. Only slightly terrified!!!
  10. Jenn98

    Preparing for A&P

    I started with Crash Course On YouTube. It covers a lot, although not super in depth, but a great starting point. It is easy to watch, and funny, too.
  11. Jenn98

    Failed A&P 1... idk what to do

    I don't have experience with this, but don't start A&P for another week. But I think the first question you need to answer is why you failed? What were your challenges with the course? I think answering this will help you figure out where to go from here.
  12. Jenn98

    Nursing school vs. Baby?

    I have to agree. Obviously, no one can truly answer this for you; it is a personal decision between you and your hubby. With that said, I had my first when I was 28, my sister in law just had her first at 31. I feel like that is more commonplace nowadays than to have kids early in your 20s, but some of that depends on where you live. I have 3 kids, I am 42, and just starting prenursing. I do have a bachelors degree, which took care of most of my adn prereqs. I just know I feel better about starting school now that my kids are older. I know amazing women do it, but cannot imagine having babies/toddlers and balancing that stage of motherhood with school.
  13. Jenn98

    School a&p

    What other criteria do they look at for admission? Can you retake A&P1? All schools are different, so it is hard to compare.
  14. Jenn98

    Finally took Teas!, but...

    I would take it again. I take my first attempt on May 30, BEFORE even starting my prereqs bc I have a BS degree and only need to take 4 classes before I would be able to start nursing school, but only need to take A&P before applying. So I plan on taking the test twice...once before A&P, and once after. I know I won't score great before A&P, but am using this opportunity to view it as a "practice," so I know what to expect on the next test. The cost is a bummer, but I think it is worth it. Take advantage of taking it again!!
  15. Jenn98

    Best educational path for older student?

    I'm 42 and starting prenursing in June at my local community college. I have a BS in Health Science (basically Health Ed & Promotion). I have 3 kids in school and a husband with a job here (so no option to relocate), and have no local option to do the accelerated BSN, even though that is what I would prefer. So I am applying to the ADN program, with the plan to continue on to a BSN program as soon as I can. Local hospitals do hire nurses without a BSN, but it must be obtained within 2 years. I really would prefer to be able to apply to a 2nd bachelors program, but I just don't have that option.