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  1. Hello. I'm searching for information about an endorsement to Guam. I got some information on the website of Guam nursing board. But I have some questions about it. 1. Is there someone to transfer to Guam outside of U.S.? They require payment of a fee by money order or cashier's check issued by U.S. bank or institution. I'm living in the U.S. now and I will move to another country after 3 weeks. 2. CGFNS: I graduated in a foreign country so I need to send information about my college by CGFNS, but I found the phrase " notarized applicant copies are also accepted". SO is it possible to substitute notarized copies instead of CGFNS? 3. How long does it take to endorse to Guam or temporary license? 4. How about the job in Guam? I have 3.5 years experience of dialysis nurse. I have a green card. And I found out there are 4 dialysis centers called US renal there. Can I work there with my experience? If there is anyone who knows about it, please share with me. Thank you.
  2. Lily0711

    License by Endorsement (NY to NJ & Foreign Graduates)

    Thank you for your detailed post. It'll be really helpful for me. And I have some question. Did you submit your high school transcript? If you did, did you send it to BON or school send it directly? Was it okay if you process CGFNS CES report before you applied endorsement by NJ? I want to work fast in NJ like you and other nurses. So thanks again.:)
  3. Lily0711

    Rn Endorsement

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It'll be helpful when I endorse my licence from NY to NJ. I graduated college not in america too. So your post is great for me. Can I ask you something when I have question about endorsement?