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  1. Lone Star Spring 2020 ADN

    I am in the program there. I graduate in May.
  2. Lone Star Spring 2020 ADN

    What semester is your friend going into at CF?
  3. Lone Star Spring 2020 ADN

    Yes, the professors are pretty tough when it comes to exams. I think a couple of them just want us to be prepared for the NCLEX so they make their own questions and sometimes they can be contraindicative of what we learned from the book. Most of the ...
  4. Fall 2018 Lone Star Hopefuls

    Can those of you who just graduated tell me what the workload is like for the adaptations course online?
  5. Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    Welcome to cf nursing program. Get use to it because everything they do is last minute. We start second semester in a week and they just gave us our schedules a few days ago and we still don’t have our book list for one of the classes. I think they d...
  6. Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    The program doesn’t look at your cumulative GPA, they only take the average GPA of A&P and ENGL 1301. So if you got an A in English and a B in A&P you would have a 3.5 as an average GPA. Also, you have to make a 74.5+ to pass in the program s...
  7. Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    You also have to take into consideration the damage that Hurricane Harvey did. I spoke to the director about CF and Kingwoods completion rates over the last two years and they said that most was because half lost their cars and homes and dropped the ...
  8. Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    You are right, sir. Here ya go. Not sure why I remembered it being a 98. I think because in my head I remember missing one and I calculated the grade in my head comparing it to the 50 question exams I have been taking all semester.
  9. Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    You guys, stop wasting money on HESI study guides. They’re all BS. Just go to quizlet and type in HESI Anatomy and Physiology review. Look for the one with 299 terms (I couldn’t copy and paste the link from my phone). This is all I studied and made a...
  10. Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    18 months. You don’t get a summer break. You only get 3 weeks in the spring and 3 weeks in the fall.
  11. Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    I’ve been at CF since January and haven’t been tested yet. They only drug test you right before clinicals. CF doesn’t start clinicals until second semester.
  12. Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    CF average graduating class is 35. I wouldn’t really say it’s “extremely low” compared to other campuses. I feel like it just seems that way because our starting class is so small. However, yes, it is extremely rigorous. I chose CF for a couple of re...
  13. Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    Is this score from fall or spring? Because I was talking about my spring cohort. Fall you have a really good chance since there’s so many campuses open.
  14. Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    Well the lowest that I knew of was a 7.4 and only because it was a friend of mine. She was an alternate and got in only a couple days before orientation. Sadly 3 people didn’t show and CF doesn’t accept any alternates after orientation. We started at...
  15. Fall 2019 Lonestar Hopefuls

    I am first semester ADN at CF. Hesi was a 95 and score was 7.8. I think the lowest score in my cohort was a 7.4.