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    Auditory exams in nursing schools

    I proved to my instructor that having exams read aloud to me was a success in passing the exams. I had a theory and put it to test with nursing director/instructor and I did exceptionally well. I have only had this issue with second level nursing class and cannot explain why. I have been tested for ADHD, ADD, and other neuro cognitive test to rule out any other learning disabilities and scored in normal to above average in most testing categories. After being read exam type questions, including " all that apply" questions I answered 49 out of 50 correctly, yet if I read the questions, the amount of correct answers dropped to anywhere from 30/50 range resulting in a failing theory average. Knowing this my instructor did nothing to help. I feel that she failed me as an educator and instructor. Why would any instructor not back up a student and do what took to help student be successful. I had a 98.9 total average in course and only needed the test and exams read aloud. I proved it. We were taught that people have different ways of learning at different times for different things and we as "nurses" need to know this when it comes to clients both during clinicals and when we are a actually an R.N. after nursing school. Why does this not apply to us as nursing students? What can I do about this? I'm having to appeal this and/ or apply to another school?