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    Staff- Patient Ratios

    Research project on staff- patient ratios in short term rehabilitation facilities. So at this one facility, if the census is low, then they only put so many nurses on day shift and so many nurses on night shift, which is understandable and it makes perfect sense. However, nurses are coming and then quiting the job because they feel like they are understaffed. Night shift nurses are often on two to three carts that serve about 10 people with each cart. Does anyone have any articles that are within the last 5 years talking about how this is a problem or ways to fix it? Does anyone have any solutions to fix this? Adding more CNAs, adding more nurses? Coming up with a solution so there nurse satisfaction, patient safety and patient satisfaction? I feel like this is affecting patient safety including medication administration in a timely manner, managing their pain as well as key medications like insulin and warfarin. This affects patient safety in terms of falls, if patients feel like they can't wait any longer to use the bathroom.