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  1. FutureLDRnurs

    Camosun & UVic Admissions Timeline

    Yeah! Since the high school students get accepted on their self reported grades, if their grades drop below what they expected after their transcripts come out, that spot will go to any applicant (not just high school) that achieved a higher GPA. I think your GPA is definitely competitive! I remember someone telling me that if you had 3 out of 4 A's in the pre reqs or an average of 86+, you were basically guaranteed to get in
  2. FutureLDRnurs

    NP Program UBC/UVIC

    Hey guys, congrats to everyone that got accepted to UVic or UBC! For those that got accepted to UVic, what was your GPA? If you have a specialty certificate, did UVic look at those grades too? How many years of work experience did you have before applying? Im currently just finishing second year of my BSN so I have a loooong way to go before I can apply, but doesn't hurt to start preparing now!
  3. FutureLDRnurs

    Camosun & UVic Admissions Timeline

    Usually, they send out waves of application. Of the people who didn't pay the deposit by the due date for the first wave, that will open a seat for the next wave of applicants. I would expect the next wave would probably be end of April for them to send out acceptance letters. There is also a wave of acceptances in July based off the high school students final grades. Deb Delaney at Camosun may be able to give you more insight because she is the person who sends out the emails (or at least did when I got in) 🙂 I will say, usually they give you about a week from the day they send the acceptance to pay the deposit, so try to make sure you are able to pay it whenever they do send out the next rounds
  4. Has anyone completed the perinatal certificate or any other specialty certificate through BCIT while working on their BSN degree? How is the workload?
  5. FutureLDRnurs

    College of the Rockies Fall 2019 Intake

    I got accepted with all A’s my lowest grades being an 86 in English 12 and chem 12
  6. FutureLDRnurs

    Saving notes for NCLEX

    Hey guys I’m in first year of a BSN program and I was wondering if I should save my notes from this year for the NCLEX exam in 3 years.
  7. FutureLDRnurs

    UFV January 2020 Intake

    I was waitlisted and I was offered a spot a week later, that was for September entry though so it might not be like that for winter
  8. FutureLDRnurs

    UFV January 2020 Intake

    I did the interview last year, there were questions about a tough time in your life and how you dealt with it, there were questions about procrastination and how it can affect your studying, there were questions about working on a project and how you got the info to the audience.
  9. FutureLDRnurs

    UFV January 2020 Intake

    For the essay, definetly read and understand the responsibilities and requisites of a registered nurse because your essay question will probably be along the lines of that. For the interview, there’s no good way to prepare, some questions were about procrastinating since part of the program is self study but there were also questions about self care and hard to answer questions like a challenging time in your life type thing.
  10. FutureLDRnurs

    UFV January 2020 Intake

    Thanks, I didn’t take the spot because I got accepted to Camosun in Victoria which is where I live, I did take math 11 but I only got like 65% or something and I also found math 12 to be a lot easier than math 11
  11. FutureLDRnurs

    UFV January 2020 Intake

    I applied to Ufv and got accepted using math 12 instead of math 11
  12. FutureLDRnurs

    UFV Fall 2019

    Just got offered a spot off the waitlist but I gave it up. Good luck!
  13. FutureLDRnurs

    Nursing at CNC/UNBC 2019/2020

    Hi! I applied for September 2019 entry using my highschool grades and I had a 92% average in my courses and I got accepted. As for your other questions yes it’s 2 years at CNC and 2 at UNBC and I don’t think there is a fast track but you could email advising to ask.
  14. FutureLDRnurs

    TRU September 2019 Intake

    Who knows, but it seems a bit late. I’ve already accepted a spot at my first choice school I’m just curious to see if I would’ve gotten in at this point
  15. FutureLDRnurs

    TRU September 2019 Intake

    Nope, someone I know who is an HCA received acceptance earlier in May for the bsn program
  16. FutureLDRnurs

    TRU September 2019 Intake

    Have you heard anything?