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  1. Fresh heart

    Thanks! They never used that term at the hospital I worked with.
  2. Fresh heart

    I saw a job opening that required "Fresh heart". I have never heard of that. I searched on the internet for it and only came up with the fresh heart project that allows people to tell their stories. Any ideas what this is and how to look into it? Th...
  3. How to safely get back in.

    Thank you! I have developed great respect for LTC nurses. Anyone who can manage 18+ patients while maintaining professional, kind, compassionate care is a super nurse in my book. (I work with a nurse that worked at a facility with over 30 patients s...
  4. How to safely get back in.

    I worked just under 2 years on a tele unit then left to an SNF for 2 yrs. I feel that my time at the SNF taking care of 18 residents, some with PICC's and IV's, many with very complicated needs helped to improve some of the issues I had while in Tele...
  5. Tele vs Step down vs CCU

    Thanks! I absolutely have no wish to work above my experience. This post is to help me understand where my experience fits in. I have heard at some hospitals tele is med/Surg with a monitor. I am able to handle more than that as our m/s didn't take c...
  6. Tele vs Step down vs CCU

    That makes sense. I really appreciate your clarifying this for me. I would definitely not be safe on a CCU as I did not use any invasive monitoring. We were NIHSS certified and did frequent neuros. I like your suggestion to evaluate each offering aga...
  7. Tele vs Step down vs CCU

    Thank you for explaining that to me. ? To clarify, our unit did take Bipap, we just weren't supposed to initiate it on our unit. We would send them to ICU to initiate it and then they came back after an appropriate amount of time. I have taken ...
  8. Tele vs Step down vs CCU

    I just showed my ignorance. I thought CCU was cardiac care unit. ? What is CCU, PCU, vs ICU? Is there just a cardiac unit in a bigger hospital? Can you tell me what a general step down unit does? Thanks!
  9. Tele vs Step down vs CCU

    Can someone explain the difference between these units? I worked on a unit called tele and that meant Post CABG, pre and post cath, cardiac drips (nitro, diltiazem, etc.), pre and post any cardiac procedure performed at our hospital. We didn't take a...
  10. Not sure where in nursing I belong

    Thanks! I found that psych nursing involved very little of this type of intervention, though because most of the residents were in the facility for less than a week. There just wasn't enough time to figure out their issue and address it. But your p...
  11. Not sure where in nursing I belong

    I've been an RN for 2 and a half years. I spent just under two years on a step down/tele unit/cardiac unit after having spent a year in a psych unit as an LPN while finishing nursing school. I left for a few reasons, including safety issues and a per...
  12. Any advice on path to BSN

    If you are interested in a quick, inexpensive online program, look into WGU. They are very generous with accepting transfer credits and you work at your own pace. I bet you could get it done in one term already having another degree. Of course, you ...
  13. New RN needing prioritization advice

    I agree that the list is just to help me. I don't know why it gets to me, except that it is first thing in the morning and the job is so intense that I already have to psych myself out to carry the necessary confidence for my patients sake. It is wa...
  14. New RN needing prioritization advice

    I am trying out different brain sheets, and in absence of a preprinted one, I use the list of patients they give me which has space between each name to make one up for myself. Orders I need to keep track of go on the left (Code status, I/O, fluid r...
  15. New RN needing prioritization advice

    I am so sorry that happened! Just to clarify, I am certain my preceptor would not have me prioritize anyone over an unstable patient. Also, post procedure patients who require frequent assessments cannot be a lower priority. Thanks!