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  1. The vitriol and disbelief expressed in this post is just .....shocking, but at the same time not shocking. It also shows how people just don't understand implicit versus explicit bias. It also shows how far we still have to go as a country. Warren never said ALL nurses and physicians. The data backs up her statement. I like many others that have posted have witnessed this bias at hand. I've seen doctors go in a white patients room and spend 20-30 minutes chatting with the patient, building rapport, laughing and joking; and go in the next "non white" patient room and change their entire demeanor and rush out of the room as quickly as they can. They aren't even aware that they are treating the patients differently because its just implicit. I've had a patient break down in tears because a doctor accused her of being drug seeking because she wanted pain meds for severe abdominal pain. Then she refused to take any medicine I offered her after that because she'd already been accused of something and didn't want to feed into it. So she suffered and cried. This was a black woman. I encouraged her to report the behavior but she was afraid there would be retaliation and her care would suffer further if she reported the incident. WE all have biases. But when we acknowledge that we have biases, we can try to correct for them. But when we are in denial about biases we continue to perpetuate these harms.
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    ODU FNP Program Fall 2019

    Hello, I'm Kyra. I also just received news that I'll be entering the same program this fall. I'm very excited.