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  1. @Nursing731 Are you still going to go with James Sprunt's ADN program?
  2. Sure, add me on FB (Page Not Found | Facebook). I'm excited and nervous too!! It's a new chapter in our lives. I opted to have my correspondences sent by email. I prefer postal mail but I didn't want to risk mail getting lost and missing due dates because of it. I haven't recived any new information besides my acceptance letter that I initally got/
  3. Yup!! Our TEAS scores were similar; I got an 87.5% in Math and 77% on Reading. But I also have my CNA1 and Phlebotomy Tech licenses so that gave me extra points. James Sprunt is the onl school I applied to, it what's best for me and my life at the moment. That's the school I am going with!! I only "know" one other person that got accepted. I did some searching of FB to see if I could find others and I found theee. I'm just so eager o know someone else.
  4. I got accepted into James Sprunts ADN program for Fall 2018, I only know of three other people who got accepted. I am hoping to connect with other fellow nursing students.
  5. I got accepted into James Sprunts ADN program for Fall 2018. From what I calculated with the point sheet, I had close to 130 points. I have no idea how accurate that is, and I don't know what I actually got in terms of points.